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Desires to Lead: Perils and Passions with Karen Travis, LCSW, BCD, CGP, FAGPA Registration 8:30-9:00, Workshop 9-4:30

Registration 8:30-9:00

Leadership abounds with rewards and challenges. It may create competition and also may present opportunities for growth that we would not have had otherwise. We may open ourselves to criticism, possible burn out, and need to manage angry and hurt feelings.

Exploring our family of origin, our personal history of leadership, our mentors and models are ways to tap into our desires and decisions to lead. We will also consider our fears that may block us from leadership, and our passions that compel us into leadership.

Our leadership roles may be formally designated or implicit, purposefully sought, reluctantly accepted, or stumbled into. Leadership in this workshop has a broad application to group psychotherapy, positions we hold in families, communities, workplaces, committees, and hidden responsible roles that we take on without the title of leadership.  In this workshop, we will explore, share and learn together as a group. Please join us.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

 1.      Identify what compels them to seek and hold leadership positions

2.     Evaluate what personal impact they want to make as leaders

3.     Trace family of origin positions of leadership

4.     Explore their life cycle of leadership, past, present, and desires for the future

5.     Cite restraints and enthusiasms about being a leader and/or a follower

Karen S. Travis, LCSW, BCD, CGP, FAGPA

Karen is a licensed clinical social worker in Baton Rouge, LA, has been in clinical practice for 36 years and leading groups for 34 years. She is in private practice, leads groups for an IOP/PHP agency, supervises new professionals and teaches from the groups she runs with psychiatric residents.


The Bishop Jones Center – 111 Torcido Dr SATX 78209



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to Oct 4

Principles of Group Psychotherapy - Date

The AGPA Principles of Group Psychotherapy Course is designed as a stand alone 12-hour program. This course is designed to provide basic understanding of the theory, principles, and application of group psychotherapy. This didactic and experiential presentation will cover group process and dynamics, foundations of group psychotherapy, the role of the group leader, the change process in group and some short-term structured and thematic group approaches. The AGPA-sponsored course meets the educational requirement for the Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) credential conferred by the International Board for the Certification of Group Psychotherapists. For more information about becoming  a Certified Group Psychotherapist, see here  http://www.agpa.org/cgp-certification

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