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The Gender Spectrum Breaks Out of the Closet: Implications for Mental Health Professionals in Individual and Group Practice with Erica Anderson, PhD

Registration 8:30-9:00, Workshop 9-1

3 Diversity CEUs

This presentation will address issues of gender identity and expression, their relationship to sexual identity and sexual orientation, and the challenges of trans and nonbinary identities. Issues for group and individual practice, including individual developmental pathways, generational and cohort issues, and common challenges for those who are trans/nonbinary as well as their loved ones. Together we will explore  our own bias related to gender issues in experiential small group format.

The presenter, herself a clinical psychologist and transgender woman, will weave into this event her own journey as it parallels the proliferation of non-binary identities. She will review the maturing standards of care for trans and gender non-conforming persons. Cultural and professional challenges in gender issues will be confronted as relates to individual, couples, and group psychotherapy.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

 1.  Identify the key components in the scientific understanding of transgender and gender creative identities.

2)  Recognize the emerging body of professional standards and best practices for health care/mental health care for transgender and gender creative persons

3) List the important changes in culture/society which make meeting the expectations and needs of this population within our existing paradigms more challenging in our group and individual work.               

4) Describe any bias that we may bring to work with this population, especially as relates to individual and group psychotherapy. 

Erica Anderson, PhD

3 Diversity CEUs



Erica Anderson, Ph.D. is an accomplished clinical psychologist, academic administrator, healthcare executive, professor, and consultant. She serves on the faculty and medical staff of UCSF Benioff in behavioral pediatrics. She provides consultation and clinical services focused on sexual and gender diversity and inclusion in her private practice. She is widely recognized for her advocacy and example as a transgender woman and professional.


The Bishop Jones Center – 111 Torcido Dr SATX 78209